About Peregrine Research

The Global 100 Asset Management Marketing Report is created by Peregrine Research.

Our applied research helps clients gain a data-driven understanding of their strategic challenges, which can include:

  • Stress-testing their brand performance ahead of a global roll-out;
  • Using competitor intelligence to show where firms are currently being left behind their peers;
  • A/B testing messaging with real world audiences to make sure that brand positioning is built on the strongest foundation;
  • Helping firms reposition their brands in order to better capitalize on the available opportunity set.

A research-led approach means clients can:

  • Provide internal stakeholders with a concrete rationale for decision-making;
  • Compare integrated marketing (IMC) performance with their peer group and their industry;
  • Create a communications strategy built on a data driven understanding of the firm’s current positioning;
  • Direct budgets to where they can generate the greatest impact;
  • Set and track meaningful goals that really support their business’s objectives.

About Global 100 Asset Management Report

This report focuses on a research group made up of the largest global asset management firms as ranked by AUM. The firms selected were the top 100 independent brands in IPE’s Top 400 Asset Management survey. Firms that were indistinct from a parent brand already included in the research group were excluded from the analysis.

The group is scored, ranked and analyzed from a dataset of over 12,000 data points collected between July and September 2020. The firms’ overall scores are made up of their scores across ten distinct IMC categories.

Peregrine Communications IMC categories
The Global 100 Report

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How the world's largest asset managers perform across their integrated marketing communications.

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